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Man City fans upset as Wright predicts Spurs vs. City while giving Arsenal hope for the Premier League title



Man City fans upset as Wright predicts Spurs vs. City while giving Arsenal hope for the Premier League title

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has predicted something “unbelievably Spursy” for Tottenham’s match against Man City, which might give the Gunners an advantage in the fight for the title. After 37 of their 38 games, Arsenal leads Manchester City by one point at the moment. There are still two games for City to play, the first of which is their trip to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Spurs, on the other hand, still have a chance at qualifying for the Champions League, especially after Aston Villa failed to secure a win against Liverpool on Monday night. If Villa loses their final game against Crystal Palace and Spurs manage to bag six points from their remaining two games, they could secure the fourth spot.

However, ‘Spursy’ is a term often used by Arsenal fans to describe any unfortunate events that befall their North London rivals. And Wright, who was part of the Gunners’ league-winning team in 1998, seems quite thrilled at the prospect of Ange Postecoglou’s men unintentionally helping Mikel Arteta, while failing to achieve their own goal.

“It would be the Spursiest, the most unbelievably Spursy thing for them to beat Man City by accident,” Wright told Premier League Productions. “It would be the greatest outcome for me (for Spurs to win and miss out on the Champions League).

“You have to hope. There is something in it for Spurs. It’s been up and down for them with so many injuries to key players. For them to find themselves at this stage of the season and still being able to qualify for top four with a new manager who lost Harry Kane at the start of the season.

“They started very well, dipped through the middle and they could finish on an unbelievable high if they can get into the Champions League. There is something there for Spurs and as a professional that’s what they’ll be looking at and what Ange will be looking at. The fans are saying things ‘I’d hate for Arsenal to do it’ but the players aren’t thinking like that, that’s not what’s bothering them.”

Postecoglou has been unable to share the mindset which leaves some Spurs fans hoping their team loses. “To me, I don’t understand it, I never will,” he said. “I understand rivalry. I was part of one of the biggest ones in the world in the last couple of years with Celtic and Rangers and I understand the rivalry.

“But I’ve never and will never understand if someone wants their own team to lose. That’s not what sport is about. It’s not what I love about the game. What I love more than anything in the game is the competitiveness, challenging yourself to beat someone and coming out successful. Anything outside of that it’s got nothing to do with sport.

“It’s got nothing to do with me. If other people want to treat it that way, that they get pleasure from other people’s misery, that’s not how I’ve lived my life and how I perceive my role. If you’re going by social media then probably 99 per cent of supporters don’t [want Spurs to win], but please don’t tell me that’s your world. My role is to bring success to this football club. I

“I know 100 per cent of Spurs supporters want us to win, be successful and win trophies.”

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