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Gary Neville has slammed Liverpool owner John Henry for asking the Premier League to introduce spending limits.

The Reds boss told the Liverpool Echo he believes such a move would prevent the English top flight from becoming uncompetitive.

Henry wants to avoid the Premier League becoming like some continental European leagues, which are dominated by one or two teams each season.

“There are always bigger financial challenges in the Premier League,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

“The league itself is extraordinarily successful and is the biggest football competition in the world. “But we have believed for some time that there should be spending caps so that the league does not go down the road of European leagues where one or two clubs have little competition on an annual basis.

“The excitement depends on the competition and is the most important part of the Premier League.”

The story was also reported by The Times and shared on Twitter by journalist Martyn Ziegler.

He added that it would be ‘interesting to see if PL follow UEFA’s scheme to cap wage/transfer spending at 70%’.

In response, Neville said such a move would allow the “established elite” to “fix their positions”.


There will no doubt be considerable debate here, but as it stands, that’s just Henry’s point of view.

Obviously, if the Premier League kept saying they would consider implementing such a system. On the one hand, a spending limit would – in theory – prevent the development of a monopoly or a duopoly.

On the other hand, there is a risk that emerging teams – say Newcastle United – risk failing to break through that glass ceiling.

To be honest, the Premier League hasn’t been too uncompetitive over the past 20 years.

From its inception in 1992 to 2004, Manchester United and Arsenal won all but one title (Blackburn Rovers)

Since 2005 we have made Chelsea, Manchester City, Leicester City and Liverpool triumph.

It’s not that one team wins multiple titles in a row or that two teams have consistently triumphed each year. Maybe we don’t have to change anything, at least for now.