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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp ‘can’t understand’ why BBC excluded Gary Lineker from Match of the Day for his anti-migrant tweets that labeled the situation a ‘fucking storm’



Jurgen Klopp has given his full support to Gary Lineker, insisting there is no reason why he should have stepped down as host of Match of the Day.

The Liverpool manager, speaking after his side lost 1-0 at Bournemouth, was adamant that Lineker was speaking out on human rights and questioned why there had been such a storm around the 62-year-old’s tweet posted on Twitter. beginning of this week.

Klopp said: ‘Did they ask him to step down over the things he said? So my problem with the situation as I understand it – and I’m not a native – is that I see no reason why they should ask someone to step back and say so. I can not do that. I’m not sure if it’s a language issue or not.

But this is the world we live in. Everyone is so concerned with doing things right, with saying the right things to everyone, and if you don’t do that, you create a shit storm that we didn’t have when we were young.

“It’s a very difficult world to live in. If I understand correctly, this is an opinion on human rights. This must be said. What I don’t understand is why everyone goes on Twitter and says something. I don’t understand the social media part. I’m too old for that. Jurgen Klopp says he can’t understand why the BBC suspended Gary Lineker for match day – he’s labeling the situation a ‘shitstorm’ in the wake of Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat at Bournemouth

Tonight’s episode of BBC’s Match of the Day goes ahead as planned, with organizers forced into crisis talks following mass strikes following the abolition of Gary Lineker (pictured)

If I’m right then there’s no reason for me (for the BBC to stop Lineker).”

There was a BBC presence at the Vitality Stadium in the press box, but no one from the organization gave any interviews afterwards.

When asked if he would speak to the BBC, Klopp replied: ‘I’m not so much in the situation to be honest. It’s not like today’s BBC microphone man is clearly a bad person. I’ve heard some rules of the BBC that you can’t have these kinds of opinions.

As I said: a difficult world to live in, to live up to all the expectations and rules, especially in public.’

Liverpool’s monumental 7-0 victory over bitter rivals Manchester United last weekend provided the tonic for a disappointing season at Anfield this season. Jurgen Klopp admitted Bournemouth deserved their 1-0 win over Liverpool on Saturday

But old habits returned to the Vitality Stadium on Saturday as Liverpool were crushed by the bottom of the Premier League, provisionally out of the relegation zone thanks to Philip Billing’s first-half goal.

Commenting on the game, Klopp added: “What can I say? It was never really our game. We were dominant in the first half but mostly played the ball at the wrong time against a compact team. .

“They had their counterattacks they wanted. I really think the spaces we had to play were super clear, super open.

“The others were more or less busy covering other rooms, we weren’t using it often enough, we didn’t enjoy the challenge of taking on a deep, compact side. Clearly we can’t get through with it. all the bullets, but it felt like we didn’t pass and it didn’t work.

“Little things that make a big difference and then we come back 0-1 which obviously doesn’t help on the counter-attack.

“They did the same thing but it was quite successful because we didn’t defend it well and then I thought we started pretty well in the second half and then we got the penalty and we got it. missed and after that we were in a hurry and not really done enough and that was it.

Following mass boycotts in solidarity with Lineker, Saturday’s Match of the Day was in serious jeopardy – with battered BBC bosses wondering if they could air the show without commentary. In the backlash following the channel’s abandonment of the presenter, commentators and pundits including Alan Shearer and Ian Wright said they would not be working on Saturday night.

Sportsmail understands the BBC has been unable to secure alternative television commentary for tonight’s Premier League matches, but has decided not to remove the show from the Today schedule entirely.

Mark Chapman refused to host Radio 5 Live Sport, while presenters Alex Scott and Kelly Sommers joined the boycott which saw Football Focus and Final Score canned.

Canceling the program altogether would put the BBC in breach of a £70m-a-year deal with the Premier League.