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Liverpool 7-0 Manchester United: Seven things we learned



What SEVEN things did we learn from Liverpool against arch-rivals Manchester United yesterday.

Manchester United were humiliated in front of crowds at Anfield and millions at home. A brace for each striker and a Roberto Firmino icing on the cake provided the perfect dessert as Liverpool beat their rivals 7-0.

LFC Transfer Room see what SEVEN things we learned from defeat as Liverpool move closer to the top four.

Doubt Liverpool at your peril

Many doubted that Liverpool had entered yesterday’s match. Many thought the Reds were down and out. Guess what? Many have been wrong. So wrong.

Manchester United came back from a cup final victory, they could not have approached this game with more confidence. Was it false confidence? You tell me. One thing is certain, no one will doubt Liverpool anymore.

King Mohammad

Give this man his credit. I ask you. If you still think Mohamed Salah isn’t the one, then you should switch sports. Another great match, another excellent performance from the striker. Another record broken.

I’m running out of superlatives to describe Mo Salah. The best way to do that now is to put him on a par with Steven Gerrard as the greatest Liverpool player of all time. The Egyptian king. No, delete it. The King of Merseyside.

Humble pie

Manchester United fans. Garry Neville. Rio Ferdinando. I want your reviews on the flavor of this simple cake. Sweet enough? Need more time in the oven? However, better not to leave a crumb.

Neville laughed at Grahame Souness’s suggestion that Liverpool win. Rio Ferdinand was seething with arrogance before the match. The United Stand purposely omitted all Liverpool players from a combined XI.

They won a trophy after a hand-picked cup run and thought it was them. They actually thought they were in a title and quadruple race. Learn more. A team that got 4 against Brentford and Brighton and 6 against Manchester City thought it was them.

Neville even had the audacity not to praise Liverpool at all after the game. He couldn’t admit he was wrong. “You are always behind us”, they say. Haven’t learned your lesson yet? We shot SEVEN in front of you. Your worst score in 90 years and you’re still coming out with your chest. Be ashamed. Eat a humble cake.

Youngsters up to the task

After Stefan Bajcetic’s outstanding performance yesterday, it was Harvey Elliot’s turn to receive praise. Playing in a three-man midfield this season, which was rightly expected this season, the pressure in this game was on the youngster.

Has he collapsed? No chance. In fact, he entered the plate as if he had ten years more experience. Elliot controlled the game in the middle of the park despite playing against the “best” defensive midfielder in the world.

Good Moves

Best part of the game, aside from Fergie’s miserable face. Both players turned down a move to Manchester United last year and scored a brace against them after mocking their fans all season.

Darwin Nunez and Cost Gakpo were called flops. Who are the flops now? Nunez has been a key player in Liverpool’s turnaround, while Gakpo has now scored four goals from five. These two made the right choice and luckily were on the right page yesterday.

Unfinished Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has proven why calls for him to be sacked were nothing more than nonsense. Erik Ten Hag got a tactical lesson from one of the game’s best.

Trading Gakpo and Nunez was a masterclass, as was giving Elliot license to do his thing. I questioned the fall of Stefan Bajcetic but Klopp understood. The best game to get it right too.


It’s the turn of the top 4. Newcastle and Tottenham can feel Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool breathing down their necks. If the Reds continue this vain form, nothing prevents them from regaining their place in the Champions League. Five blank sheets in a row. The return of Thiago and Luis Diaz is on the way. The goal difference has completely reversed. Liverpool’s resurgence is underway. Will Newcastle or Tottenham manage the Heat? Besides, Manchester United, you are not safe either.