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Jürgen Klopp: This is a special rivalry – we have to use the passion



Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool to use the passion of a Merseyside derby positively when they host Everton at Anfield tonight.

The Reds and Blues, now led by Sean Dyche, are set to renew their rivalry in an opener at 20:00GMT as Klopp’s men try to bounce back from defeat at Wolverhampton Wanderers by picking up three points in Premier League.

In the program for the day, the coach explains his anticipation for this special match and explains the necessary procedures his team must follow at the start of the action.

“Good evening and welcome to tonight’s match, the Merseyside derby against our neighbors Everton – an event which I know creates excitement not just in our part of the world but far beyond as it is a such a special rivalry,” Klopp said.

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“Obviously I welcome Sean Dyche, who returns to Everton management after doing so well at Burnley. Obviously, that means Frank Lampard is no longer Everton manager, but there’s no doubt he’s young enough to return, so I wish him the best.

“Sean’s work speaks for itself. He has a clear vision of how he wants his teams to play and that means they are still just a tough opponent. I know some were surprised by Everton’s performance against Arsenal last week and in particular the result they got, but not me. In a strange way, he felt almost expected. “Well credit goes to Sean and his players for this win. For us we have a warning – not that we needed it – what to expect tonight.

“It’s a derby so we have to fight with everything we have but only in a positive way. We have to fight to play football and nothing else. It’s a game of passion, but it can’t be used correctly. Nothing else makes sense.

“I’ve already said that sometimes these matches can be too intense and I know that’s not always what people want to hear, but it’s true. Intensity is part of what we do and the reality is that we couldn’t do anything without it, but we must also bring our other qualities, otherwise we will make a difficult game even more difficult.

“Our form tonight is not what we would like and we are as aware of that as anyone else. I have no doubt Everton will look at us and think we are not in our best moment because that is true, but it is up to us to fix this and no one other. “When I first arrived at Liverpool I told the players that everyone was responsible for everything and I believe that as much now as I did then. Whatever problems we have, each of we can solve them together.

“I know it’s not the best time our fans have ever had after Liverpool, but they also have a part to play – not just tonight but in every game we play from then on.

“I’m not saying this as a request because I know our fans do better than anyone, but to emphasize the need for unity in bad times even more than in good times.

“Someone told me there would be a ‘flag night’ on the Kop tonight and honestly that got me excited because if there’s a way it can be better than other times , I can not wait to see it. If noise can match color, then we really have something special going on.