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“We have to do something in the summer” – Jurgen Klopp on changes to come at LFC



Jurgen Klopp says he is fully aware that Liverpool will have to make ‘changes’ to their squad of players in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Many saw Tuesday’s 5-2 loss to Real Madrid as a boost for the Reds, with Carlo Ancelotti’s side inflicting their worst home defeat in Europe.

The club are expected to make a number of additions to their squad ahead of next season, particularly in midfield, with Klopp insisting his squad will ‘make some changes’ this summer.

“I’m not saying that everything people say around us is wrong, not at all, but most things are not good either,” he told reporters during his press conference outside Crystal Palace on Friday.

“We know we have to improve, we know we have to change things and we will. We can’t do it now, but it’s already clear that we have to do something in the summer.

“But for now, we just need to get through all of that and fight back.”

Later in the press conference, Klopp further explained what he meant by “changes”, saying the club may have to “adapt” in the future given the financial clout of its competitors.

“The way this team is run is not to spend money and then see what comes out,” he said.

“Our transfers always have to be correct. That makes it really difficult. We can’t make four transfers before we know who’s leaving the club and stuff like that.

“I don’t know how many times I’ll have to say this, I knew it was going to be difficult and that was one of the main reasons I signed a new contract.

“Not because I’m that good, but imagine the same situation with another coach. Everyone would have said “bring back Klopp.”

“Some of them want me out, that’s fine, I can understand that, but it’s about the club and stability. “Last season was not the season of big changes. We played until the last moment and if you want to change again, you can’t just bring in new players and then say ‘Oh, nobody wants to leave’. It doesn’t work like that.

“That’s why you can’t start early, because we had finals after finals, then we have a short break, a lot of injuries and then the World Cup. On top of all the problems we knew we would have, this has been added. “Now here we are, and I know it’s too long, it’s too long for me because I have to face you all at this press conference. Believe me, I don’t like to talk about it all time, but I have to think about it all the time. This is the situation. I can’t stop people from being happy.

“We try to make the most of this season, that’s the idea, and to stay as good as possible during this period. The better you behave in a moment like this, the better the times after.

“Imagine if we hadn’t learned from the bad times and our mistakes in life. We wouldn’t be the same people, so we also have to learn from that, and we will.

“But now we’re in this heated atmosphere where we lose a game and it’s ‘everybody out’, we win a game and it’s ‘give him a new contract’. I’m too old for that. “We have to make our own plans and we do, but depending on how this club is run. It’s obviously different from other clubs.

“For the moment it’s settled, we’ll have to see if it’s still possible or if we have to adapt, but it’s something for us in the offices when we’re not on the pitch. training and for my conversations with the owners and all that sort of thing.”