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Van Dijk worries & changes vs. Real Madrid – Last word on Bournemouth 1-0 Liverpo



Liverpool were lazy in their 1-0 loss to Bournemouth which left two Reds fans to analyze the horror on display and what is to come.

Jurgen Klopp’s men reacted terribly to the 7-0 win over Man United and put on a pathetic performance on the south coast.

Philip Billing’s goal was enough to separate the two teams, while Mohamed Salah fired a penalty wide as Liverpool tried to deceive on their way again.

Our record of discussing these games is terrible – what do you think? ADAM: It was all a bit strange, but at the same time inexplicably predictable.

We’re used to false auroras this season and we’ve been in and out of this top 4 conversation more times than I care to count, but this one seems particularly weird because it was so avoidable.
We can’t blame a lack of confidence for beating Man United 7-0 and we certainly can’t apologize – the team just didn’t show up that second half and that’s inexcusable.

HENRY: I’m with Adam – it’s one of the hardest defeats to take because I really thought Liverpool were on the mend.

As soon as Bournemouth scored I knew we were going to lose which is a really damning indictment of what this team has become and everything was so lethargic and predictable. Liverpool are fine when they play against a good team in a big game, but their attitude just isn’t good enough in these final games.

You make me desperate this season.

Were there any players you considered particularly weak?

ADAM: He’s the best defender I’ve ever seen in a Liverpool shirt, but I’m not sure where Virgil van Dijk’s head was yesterday.

Mistakes happen to everyone, but the complete lack of intensity was really weird and the gate just doesn’t happen when turned on. At the risk of highlighting the two players who have given us more than anyone in recent years, Mo Salah hasn’t been great either.

You can fix this under normal circumstances, but like I said, when you’ve seen levels as high as last Sunday, it’s really confusing when players revert to something like this.

HENRY: I could only agree with Van Dijk – I honestly found him shocking.

It’s hard to be too critical of the best centre-back I’ve ever seen, but he was so relaxed and lacked intensity that it seemed to rub off on those around him.

Ibou Konaté wasn’t much better, while the midfielder had little to no control throughout. It was a sobering day for Harvey Elliott and Stefan Bajcetic and a reminder that they are still very young and mature.

As for Salah’s penalty, how can someone do something so incredible?!

Honestly, where do Liverpool go from here?

ADAM: I don’t have the energy to lose sleep in a top 4 car chase anymore.

If that happens great, but my main concern is to get us in shape before August and ready to start all over again.

It’s a bit spoiled and justified to say, but the thought of fourth place doesn’t stir the soul in the same way we did when we were in the thick of it just 10 years ago month. We’re now on a nice little break from the Premier League ahead of a heck of a run of games in April, and we’ll no doubt know a lot more about who these players are by the time we get to the other side. of this one.

HENRY: Yeah, I’m there too.

I’ve come to a point where I’m almost stunned by these results, which is not a good place for a football fan.

There are just too many false dawns now and Liverpool won’t find any real consistency until the end of the season – let’s see what happens, but I think the top 4 is wishful thinking.

As Adam says, it’s about hitting the summer and forgetting that this sad campaign ever existed!

Do you see any clash chances at the Bernabeu? ADAM: Unlike some, Manchester United’s result hasn’t really changed my opinion of what’s possible in Spain next week.

A three-goal deficit seems too much to overcome at Anfield or if we were to play a less European side, but as far as I’m concerned it’s too big a mountain to climb.

That said, I’d like to see us give our all for this game, especially given the long hiatus we’re in afterward.

Injuries aside, there’s very little to lose in that match, and all the world to gain.

HENRY: I say it now: if Liverpool take the lead on Wednesday, it will be the best result in the club’s history. But unfortunately they don’t.

Sorry if it sounds defeatist but the Reds are not playing well enough and they are playing against a team with the best winning mentality I have ever seen in the Champions League.

If it was at Anfield I’d say there’s little chance, but this is a different test.

Would you make any changes?

ADAM: On paper there should be nothing wrong with the team we started in Bournemouth, which is perhaps the worrying thing. I could consider throwing in Jordan Henderson to fall back on Harvey Elliott in the second half, but other than that it’s probably our strongest XI available in terms of available players and that makes the result all the more frustrating.