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Liverpool target Jude Bellingham has perfect response to Jack Grealish’s ‘come to Man City’ plea



Liverpool target Jude Bellingham responded perfectly to Jack Grealish’s call to ‘come to Man City’

England teammates Jack Grealish and Jude Bellingham have shared messages on social media as transfer interest rises

England midfielder Jude Bellingham was spotted joking with international team-mate Jack Grealish on social media.

Bellingham’s future is one of the most debated topics in European football. Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Manchester United all believe they can sign the Borussia Dortmund teenager.

Liverpool are continuing their bid to sign the midfielder who is the club’s number one target this summer.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson have been spotted befriending the 19-year-old and now it’s City’s Grealish who have fans talking about their social media activities.

Grealish cheekily commented on one of Bellingham’s Instagram posts, writing, “Come to City x.”

The 19-year-old has now returned the favor, commenting on Grealish’s latest post on England’s back-to-back win and joking: “Come to Dortmund x.”

There are still a few months left before the transfer window because Bellingham’s English teammates will remain on the charm offensive.