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Two Liverpool legends, Steven Gerrard and Mohamed Salah, sat down to talk about their careers and relive some of their best moments in recent times.

Arguably the most iconic player to wear a Liverpool shirt in the 21st century, Gerrard filmed an LFC Original with Salah in which the two sat in front of a television screen and showcased some of their most famous moments in red.

It was nothing short of a

heartbreak. Both men were extremely complementary to each other and provided a fascinating insight into the mentality of two of

Liverpool’s all-time greats.
Here we take a look at some of our favorite chat moments and quotes that made us laugh. Enjoy!

You made the king cry!

After watching Mo’s penalty in the 2019 Champions League final win over Tottenham, Gerrard confessed to seeing Sir Kenny Dalglish burst into tears at that exact moment.

Gerrard attended the final in Madrid as a fan and guest of the club and admitted that just after passing Hugo Lloris from 12 yards, Salah saw the big man cry.

Gerrard revealed: “I was at the game as a fan, I didn’t watch TV, I just went to enjoy the game, to enjoy it. The club invited me and that goal brought Kenny Dalglish to tears.

“So always remember that you made the king cry. The king made the king cry!

The clip also included an interesting glimpse of the Egyptian, who revealed he changed his mind before that penalty.

“I’m not going to lie, I changed my mind at the last second before I hit the ball,” he revealed.

“I practiced on the other side all week and changed my mind when I ran to hit the ball thinking I had gone too many times.”

Mo asks Stevie a question we all want answered!

It’s a debate that will rage among Liverpool supporters for years to come and Mo wasted no time in getting Gerrard’s perspective on the matter, refusing to allow Stevie to sit on the fence !

“I want to ask a question,” Salah said. “If you could only choose one between Suarez and Torres, who would it be? I heard you answer that, but you didn’t make a clear choice!”

Gerrard replied: “For 18 months Torres was as good as any striker but Suarez did it for a long time and he was a beast. “Off the ball and in training he was a beast, he bullied and intimidated defenders and he could work a whole back four on his own.

“But don’t worry, you’re as good as all of them, if not better!”

Not quite the definitive answer Mo was looking for, but it looks like he’s leaning towards Suarez right now for us!

“You are my favorite player!”

There’s something reassuring about the fact that Gerrard, a Liverpool legend, still has a favorite player like all of us.

Now that he is no longer directly linked to the club, Gerrard is a Liverpool fan. The way he speaks in this conversation really reinforces that, and he was beaming in his praise of the Egyptian king.

Asked about his favorite player growing up, Stevie replied, “John Barnes. He was like you, dribbler and exciting. He could score game-changing goals and he could win a game.

“Now you’re my favorite!” You have to be because Lio (Gerrard’s son) is obsessed with it, he loves you more than me.”

Mo “couldn’t handle” Carra

Describing former team-mate Jamie Carragher, Gerrard Mo explained how vocal the former vice-captain was at the heart of defence, using current skipper Jordan Henderson as a point of reference.

Gerrard had been asked to compare Carragher to Salah’s current colleague Virgil van Dijk, to whom the former captain had explained that while Van Dijk might be the greatest defender of his generation, Carragher’s importance to a managerial point of view agreed with him.
“If you think Henderson is loud, multiply 10. It’s Carragher,” explained Gerrard.

The Egyptian was stunned by the settlement and jokingly admitted he would struggle to deal with Carragher’s wrath.
“Really? Wow! I couldn’t take it,” laughed Salah.

Salah was clearly fond of comparing the current generation of Liverpool stars to those of Gerrard’s time and wanted to know as much as possible about those who came before him. The winger also asked Gerrard about his favorite midfielder, to which he received a rather emphatic answer.

“If we talk about one player that I liked, it was Xabi Alonso,” said Gerrard.

“The way you hit the ball is amazing!”

Considering the heights Salah has reached individually and collectively throughout his career, it was heartening to see the 30-year-old so impressed with some of the Gerrard clips shown to him.

Throughout the video, Mo continues to reference how Gerrard was hitting the ball. He comments several times and even goes so far as to ask the former skipper how he did it. Both players clearly have immense respect for each other, and there is no better demonstration than when the two watched Gerrard’s famous half-volley against Olympiacos in 2004.

Mo simply replies: “That goal, amazing! The way you hit the ball and it goes straight.”

The smile on Mo’s face as he gazes at the images is a feast for the eyes, reminiscent of a child seeing something spectacular for the first time.

It’s also clear that Salah is constantly learning and striving to improve, taking the time to seek Gerrard’s advice and learn more about his processes.

“Would you exercise it during training? So try to get the ball out of the box like always and keep shooting? asked Salah.

Gerrard replied, “Most days, unless it was the day before a competition, I always worked on long-range shooting, different types.”


BREAKING NEWS: Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool have finally get playmaker above Bruno Fernandes as Liverpool $62m transfer ‘favorites’

Bruno Fernandes is a player that Jurgen Klopp looks up to and who can improve Liverpool’s midfield. He would be a top pick, but ideally he would cost less than $62 million.

Even for the casual analyst browsing websites, analyzing football data has never been deeper. At demanding clubs like Liverpool, the work behind the scenes is very different.

There’s still something to be said for how often a player scores and creates goals, even though that kind of digital nerdy is crucial when making multimillion-dollar decisions about signing and paying players. . We all know of cases where a player has been given an assist for a direct pass when the goalscorer has done a terrific job, but racking up a lot of assists without making a lot of incisive passes in a season will always be a challenge.

Take a look at the major European leagues in 2022-2023. In England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain there are 49 players with at least 10 goals. However, only six have exceeded ten assists. Interestingly, only one member of the most inventive sextet (Kevin De Bruyne, the obviously massive cheater) is not also listed in the 10+ markers. Still, it’s not too common in top leagues for a player to score 10 goals and 10 assists in a season. Liverpool were closely linked with someone who had achieved this.

The feat has been accomplished 57 times over the past six seasons by 45 different players. Unsurprisingly, Lionel Messi ranks first with four appearances, followed by Mohamed Salah and Memphis Depay with three appearances each.

If we do not count the penalties, we can further reduce the list. Bruno Fernandes and good old Iago Aspas are gone, leaving us with a sample of just 40 players who have contested a ’10 and 10′ league season from 2017-2018.

You can, of course, continue to filter the data to try and support your chosen argument. who was the first player to reach both landmarks? Jadon Sancho did it in 2018-2019 and did it again the following year. He scored seven goals and provided four assists in nearly two seasons with Manchester United, proving that even being part of such an elite club does not guarantee long-term success. 

Please ask Mason Mount. Not only has the playmaker found time to score 11 league goals for Chelsea in 2021-22, he has also found time to assist on 10 more goals. Mount was the second-youngest Premier League player in the past six seasons to reach double figures for both main attacking stats based on player age at the start of a season. He is the youngest player not to have played for a Manchester City team to score at least 98 points, which is perhaps even more impressive.

Mason Mount celebrates after scoring something he hasn’t done enough this season (Image: Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via 

However, Mount has only contributed three goals and two assists to the league this year. The 24-year-old, like most of his team-mates at Stamford Bridge, has had a very inconsistent (a polite way of saying ‘bad’) year. He makes a very interesting comparison with Jarrod Bowen, another player who appeared briefly in the pages of the Liverpool tabloids before disappearing. The West Ham player had 12 goals and 10 assists last year, but this year he has just four and two, which are almost identical numbers to Mount’s in both cases.

He shows how quickly this elite form can change, like Sancho did. However, unlike the former Dortmund player who made the mistake of moving to chaotic Old Trafford, the $62m (£50m/€57m) Mount could find new life at Liverpool under stewardship of an experienced top manager. to the point where he once again scores ten goals and assists? That would be a difficult task, especially given the historically low level of contribution from the Reds’ midfielders. But there’s no denying Mount’s talent, and you wouldn’t bet the Liverpool manager would convince him again; according to The Athletic, the Anfield side are in the “strongest position” to secure a deal.

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