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EUREKA! Seven-goal striker’s recovery gives Liverpool a boost as he recovers from injury



EUREKA! Liverpool has just recovered and found their missing like to the goaless performance they had put. As the  Seven-goal striker gives Liverpool a boost as he recovers from injury

Theo Squires with the facts about Liverpool U18s after their thrilling 3-3 draw against Derby Counte.

When Liverpool Under-18s beat Stoke City 3-2 at the academy in late October, the win saw Marc Bridge-Wilkinson’s side level on points with Sunderland top of the Under-18 table years of Premier League North.

It would be the young Reds’ first game of the season without Lewis Koumas and their second without Ben Doak after the in-form pair were promoted to Barry Lewta’s Under-21 side. Since the duo are out of action for the U18s for completely different reasons, this remains their last league win to date.

Ben Doak celebrates scoring Liverpool’s goal

That winless run was extended to eight games on Saturday as Liverpool fought off a 3-3 draw with Derby County. After trailing 2-0 to start and trailing 3-1 at half time, an added time penalty earned them some of the spoils to ensure it was at least one positive result after a positive performance, but the team still made it six. have lost their last eight league games while dropping the FA Youth Cup and the U18 Premier League Cup. Now seventh in the table, they are 12 points behind Sunderland. But the Black Cats fell to second place, with Manchester City leading and more than twice as many points as Liverpool.

And while the young Reds will be proud of their performance against Derby and the way they battled to take a point, there’s no denying their winning streak continues.

“Potentially (it’s harder for them), yes,” Bridge-Wilkinson admitted speaking exclusively to ECHO after the final whistle. “But we don’t change overnight. “Whether we win, lose or draw, we come in and try to work more on our game, try to help the individuals improve and try to help the team improve. Whether we win, lose or draw, it’s all the same.

“I can imagine it’s hard for them. It’s never fun to keep losing or not winning games. But we believe in the group and within the staff.

“We know what we are capable of. We show people what we are capable of, we just have to put it in place and stick to a specific day.”