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How Arsenal extended their Premier League lead with a 4-1 win over Crystal Palace courtesy of Saka’s brace




1′ Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace

Palace get the ball rolling and we’re underway!

The atmosphere at the Emirates is electric.

OBJECTIVE! Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace – Gabriel Martinelli

Arsenal fans sing Vieira song

2′ Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace

Arsenal fans are singing their old song for Patrick Vieira, two days after his sacking by Palace.

Zinchenko releases Martinelli

9′ Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace

Zinchenko makes a great tackle winning a throw-in and immediately uses the opportunity to release Martinelli down the left wing. He gets into the Palace box but can’t find Trossard with his pass.

Martinelli has the look of a player who wants to atone for his missed penalty against Sporting on Thursday.

Arsenal attacking in waves

17′ Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace

Arsenal are setting into the game and dominating possession at the moment. Palace’s defence is holding steady as they look for opportunities to counter-attack.

Edouard breaks free when an opportunity does come, but sees Ramsdale save his shot with the flag going up for offside in any regard.

Break in play

21′ Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace

Play is held up for a few minutes as Mitchell receives some treatment.

Trossard unhappy

25′ Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace

For the second time in as many minutes, Trossard can’t believe he’s been whistled for a foul. The second came as Olise did a fantastic job to chase Trossard down and end a dangerous-looing break.

GOAL! Arsenal in front!

28′ Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace

Martinelli scores and immediately atones for his missed penalty on Thursday!

The moves begins with White winning the ball back from Zaha. He feeds Saka who whips the ball across Palace’s box, where Martinelli takes a touch or two and beats Whitworth with a powerful shot.

32′ – Slight injury concerns for the hosts as Xhaka overstretches and lands awkwardly from a tackle.
He looks like a knee problem, but he will try to continue playing.
Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace

34′ – It’s all Arsenal now and they’re camped in the Palace half. They always thought the first goal would count in this case and the Gunners could score a few more here.
Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace

36′ – Free-kick for the hosts 40 yards from goal after Olise brought down Zinchenko.
Xhaka and the Ukrainian are done.
Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace

37′ – Arsenal attempt a move on the training ground which ends with Guehi clearing the ball for a corner which Saka will deliver from the right…

Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace

38′ – The corner widens but the guests don’t come out and it’s relentless pressure now.
Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace

Bukayo Saka (10G 10A) became the first Arsenal player to record both double-digit goals and assists in a Premier League season since Alexis Sánchez in 2016/17; He is the only player to do that in competition this season. Arsenal 1-0 Crystal Palace

40′ – The Gunners’ most brilliant play when White finds Saka and catches Odegaard who shoots past the nearest post from 14 yards.
OBJECTIVE! Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace Bukayo Saka


Again, he comes in to the right as White Saka slides into him, who has his marker off, to take a touch and slide a nice finish into the far corner.
And it’s a long way to Palace!

Crook: “Saka was sensational in this first half.”

Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace

45’+ – Three minutes of added time in the Emirates.
Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace – INTERMEDIATE

There’s the half-time whistle and the Gunners are in full control!

Goals from Saka and Martinelli put Arsenal ahead and will be eight points ahead of Premier League top Manchester City barring a spectacular collapse.
However, things could have turned out differently if Zaha or Edouard had jumped at their chance. Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace

47′ – Another great play from Saka as he speeds past Mitchell and drives a cross into the area cleared by Ward, but it’s all arsenal here.

Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace

49′ – Milivojevic pushes Xhaka to the ground as Palace struggle to get close to Arsenal in this second half.
They are chasing shadows at this point and there are more goals for the hosts.
Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace

53′ – Zaha stabs Ramsdale’s gloves!

It’s better from the Eagles as they patiently build up from behind and pass Zaha.
He takes a throw-in and fires from a tight angle which Ramsdale flips over the bar before the hosts clear the resulting corner.

OBJECTIVE! Arsenal 3-0 Crystal Palace – Granite Xhaka


It’s a fine move as the hosts play a series of passes down the pitch before Trossard fires a fine ball through the Palace defense for Xhaka.
He still has a long way to go, but manages to squeeze a shot past Whitworth.
Crook: “Xhaka can’t stop scoring!”

Arsenal 3-0 Crystal Palace

62′ – White receives a huge hug from Xhaka who first stops Zaha with a great tackle and then comes back and saves Mitchell’s cross.
Here comes the corner…

OBJECTIVE! Arsenal 3-1 Crystal Palace Jeffrey Schlupp


The hook from the left hits the Palace man before dropping perfectly for him to shoot past Ramsdale from six yards.
It was a terrible defense and, after a quick VAR check for handball, the goal is set. Arsenal 3-1 Crystal Palace

68′ – Jesus and Zinchenko go to Tierney and Trossard.
And Edouard and Milivojevic have been replaced by Ayew and Hughes.
73′ Arsenal 3-1 Crystal Palace

Ramsdale was understandably unhappy when Arsenal conceded Schlupp’s goal.
The goalkeeper was reportedly particularly keen to keep a clean sheet today after Goncalves came close to scoring from midfield for Sporting CP on Thursday.
AIM! Arsenal’s three-goal lead restored!

74′ Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

Tierney puts a nice ball into the box where Saka hits it for the first time to drive it home at the near post. VAR checks Jesus for possible offside as he was ahead of Whitworth, but the goal is there!

Double Saka

79′ Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

As good as he has been this season, this is only the second time in all competitions that Saka has scored more goals in one game, having scored twice against Liverpool at the Emirates on 9 October.
Kiwior makes PL debut for Arsenal

86′ Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

Odegaard puts a shot almost into the top corner.
Arteta makes his final substitution as Kiwior comes on for his Premier League debut, replacing Gabriel in central defence.
Career highlights for Saka

88′ Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

With two goals today, Bukayo Saka has scored thirteen goals in all competitions this season, including twelve in the Premier League.
Both totals are now the highest in a single career campaign. Recovery time

90+1 Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace

Here, four minutes are added to the end of the game.