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“it might be about time” – Pundit calls on Liverpool to sell world-class player after Real Madrid defeat



Tony Cascarino, a football pundit, has suggested that Liverpool should consider selling their centre-back, Virgil Van Dijk.

The team suffered a crushing 5-2 home defeat to Real Madrid, with Joe Gomez attracting much criticism for being involved in four of the five goals.

However, Cascarino said Van Dijk shouldn’t escape blame for the match’s outcome and surprisingly argued the club should consider letting him go.

Discussing Liverpool’s fourth conceded goal, he acknowledged that Gomez had played Rodrygo offside, but argued that Van Dijk, as a senior centre-back, should have recognized his partner’s struggle and ensured the backline remained flat.

Cascarino compared Van Dijk’s body language during the match to his last season at Southampton where he pushed for a move to Anfield. “Gomez plays Rodrygo out the side and is then unlucky with a deflection but Virgil van Dijk shouldn’t avoid criticism.

“As a senior centre-back, he has to recognize his partner is in trouble and make sure the backline is flat. However, the Dutchman has often raised his eyebrows or looked down.

“That body language reminds me of Van Dijk’s last season at Southampton when he was pushing for a move to Anfield. Five years on, I think it might be time for Liverpool to sell him themselves. The Van Dijk who was among the best in the world has disappeared.”

Since the terrible injury he suffered against Everton, he has become prone to injury. Nor is he at his best since January of last year.

But despite these issues, it seems unlikely Liverpool would sell Van Dijk as he is still the team’s best defender by a significant margin and he remains one of the best players in the world. His performance against Newcastle showed that she still has the quality of him, and he wasn’t helped by Gomez’s poor performance in the Madrid match.