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Jurgen Klopp speaks on ‘former’ Fabinho’s form as Liverpool prepare for visit of Manchester United ahead of crucial top four run



Jurgen Klopp speaks on ‘former’ Fabinho’s form after strong display against Wolves as Liverpool prepare for visit of Manchester United ahead of crucial top four run

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is hoping midfielder Fabinho has rediscovered his form in time to bolster their quest for the top four.

The Brazilian international, like many of his team-mates, has struggled this season and this has contributed to some of the Reds’ defensive problems as the goalkeeper role has become something of a revolving door with various options being tried in trying to find a solution.

But Fabinho started three of Liverpool’s last four clean sheets and his performance in the midweek win against Wolves showed signs he was back to his best.

‘He is. It’s obvious. Now everyone can see Fab coming back; Of course, that’s exactly what we need,” Klopp said.

“You can’t really explain it, it’s just there, it’s happening. To be honest, I was so happy with Fabinho’s last game. So happy.

“So many things were like we need him to be – bringing the long foot here and all those things. “It was a really good game and that’s what we used to have: The Lighthouse, The Vacuum Cleaner, all those things.

“There’s a moment when you take things for granted, lose the ball there (thinking) ‘Yeah, no problem because there’s Fabinho’ and we have the ball back.

“Of course you miss things like that in times when it’s not there and how can you prepare for that? We don’t have five sixes at the club.
“It was really good and I’m very happy for him and I’m happy for us that he looks like the old man again.”

As a result, Fabinho will retain his place for Manchester United’s visit on Sunday, which just a month ago would have been far from guaranteed. The clash between England’s two most successful clubs appears to have lost its edge in recent seasons, with Liverpool’s 9-0 aggregate score in two games last year a sign of the rift between the two.

Under Erik ten Hag however United became a different prospect and this added an extra dimension to last weekend’s game at Anfield.

“Without emotion it would be a sad event, I honestly don’t think we should go for it. Why should we? Klopp said.

But it’s always about football. In football you need emotions, but also all your other talents.

“It’s not our first derby, maybe for one or two players, but it’s not their first derby either, maybe just against United.

“United are also a pretty big club, so it’s always huge when we play them.”

What hasn’t been huge is the number of penalties Liverpool have won this season.
He has played 32 league games without conceding a penalty, most recently at Anfield 11 months ago.

“With all the bad stats we’ve had lately up until two weeks ago, we still had the second most ball possession, shots on target,” Klopp said. “Statistically we are up there and very often in the opposing area. I don’t know how this (no penalties) can happen, but it does happen.

“Not getting a penalty for so long is funny, but I don’t think we’ve gotten that long here and we’ve had periods where we’ve lived in the opponent’s box.

“I can’t change that, but it’s cool that someone else found the stats and I didn’t have to mention it.”