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Jurgen Klopp tells Liverpool fans to ‘calm down’ as he sends FSG transfer instructions



Jurgen Klopp tells Liverpool fans to ‘calm down’ as he sends FSG transfer instructions

Liverpool endured a horror season as their era of stunning quality came to an end at an alarming rate and Jurgen Klopp told his owners to skip the summer

Jurgen Klopp has told Liverpool owners they need to fund a summer spending spree – whether or not there is Champions League money to pay for it.

But the Reds boss has also told his club’s supporters they need to ‘calm down’ and stop shouting that his whole squad will be replaced and understand that the current squad will lay the foundations for a new era of success.

Klopp is usually reluctant when it comes to finances or pressure on his US bosses, but following the midweek capitulation against Real Madrid, the German manager spared no expense when he made it clear he plans to rebuild Anfield.

“Money always has an impact (on signings). But it can’t have that much impact (this time),” he explained. “Obviously it’s influential, but it’s definitely a summer we need to be in the market for.

“We know we have to change things and we will, we can’t do that now – we just have to get through this and fight back – but it’s already clear that we have to do something in the summer. There are obviously some (clubs) speeding around us and you can’t ignore that.

“I can’t make up my mind about money at all, not about a dime. It was always the same. My job is to make it 100% clear what we need from a sporting point of view and then others are responsible for giving us the resources.”

Klopp could surprise some fans with the brutality of his mid-season message as Liverpool still have a chance of finishing in the top four to secure Champions League football for a seventh straight season under the Reds manager.

He knows that action must be taken now to ensure they are on the hunt for the best players this summer, whatever their European hopes. Klopp added: “It’s tricky and difficult and it will be a late decision, I think.

“But we have to start working (on recruitment) earlier before we know where we will end up in terms of the position and European competition. Those things are clear here.”

But as he prepared for the now massive game at Crystal Palace on Saturday – with a chance to close the gap on fourth-placed Tottenham to four points with a game less – he also had a powerful statement for the fans. . Klopp said: “This team has always been the basis for everything we do, and it’s the basis for everything we do (in the future). Even if people are now in the mood of ‘It can go, it has to go, bam , bam bam – everybody out.” My God, please calm down!

“Let’s see. You go to an old YouTube video and think, ‘This is what he did, he put his heart and soul into the field.’ He’s still there, so let’s make a decision after the season.” .

For Klopp, the task is now clear: everyone, owners, staff, players and fans, on the same wavelength to fight for a place in the top four – and then strengthen themselves to fight for honors again next season. “As long as we are together, we support this group with everything we have. That’s all I ask,” she added. “We know what we’re going to do, not exactly what we’re going to do. It’s still about finding the right players, not bringing in a lot.

And thank God there are so many good players in the world of football. Not everyone is convenient or willing to come, but there are a lot of really good players. “But I said it now – and I don’t want to talk about what happens in the summer every week – from now on we can talk about the wonderful football we play when we play it.”