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Liverpool should seek ‘Sadio Mane reverse transfer’ as Thomas Tuchel needs to secure superstar contract



Liverpool should seek ‘Sadio Mane reverse transfer’ as Thomas Tuchel needs to secure superstar contract♦

Liverpool should consider a “reverse Sadio Mane” transfer, with Thomas Tuchel inheriting a contract situation that could see a real superstar become available.

Footballers are always on the move. Some professions are like this: you come and go. Sometimes making history, sometimes making a difference, sometimes just being there.

Loyalty in this sense is therefore very rare in the modern game. There are fewer and fewer “Steven Gerrard” characters and more and more “Nicolas Anelkas” hopping from club to club.

Sometimes it is also a necessary further development of a football club. With modern ownership and more investment than ever before, sustainability is also playing a key role and the focus in the sport has shifted towards eternal building for the future. Football clubs rarely live ‘in the moment’ at the highest level. It’s always about the next move, the next transfer, the next this, the next that.

Recently Sadio Mané fell victim to this cycle. After turning 30, Liverpool decided they were ready to sanction a move. While it was the Senegalese star who sought a move to Bayern Munich, a move to play in the likely twilight of his career met with no significant resistance despite his status as a club icon. So far, he hasn’t reached the same heights in the Bundesliga, which is what new manager Thomas Tuchel will be aiming for.

Others from Anfield’s Liverpool side Mané may soon follow. Jurgen Klopp’s squad are not getting any younger, with more and more key players in the Reds’ big rise to the top of the game approaching the ‘wrong’ side of 30.

Andy Robertson still has a year to go before he hits the big time, but his place in the squad has already come under scrutiny over the past two seasons when Kostas Tsimikas replaces the Scottish captain in an eerily similar case. meets the expectations Klopp has of his full-backs. And while Robertson still has plenty of class and hasn’t turned away at all, in the boardroom Liverpool will no doubt be thinking about future substitutions. Clearly, it can’t keep its shape forever.

But who should you replace the best left back in the world with?

The answer may come in the form of a player familiar with Thiago Alcântara, who was instrumental in helping the Spaniard win the Champions League with Bayern Munich.

It could also be the exact reversal of Mane’s move, with the Senegal international moving to Bayern Munich. The player in question is, of course, Alphonso Davies. There are few left-backs in world football who could replace Andy Robertson in the future, but the Canadian is one of them.

Even at first glance, he appears to be exactly the type of player Klopp likes to reward himself with. Davies excels in one-on-one situations, likes to get forward and regularly creates chances for his teammates.

Few players are as direct and explosive in world football as he is, and crucially, he is six years younger than Robertson, meaning he has plenty of time left at his ‘best’ form. He is also four years younger than Tsimikas.

And while he has long appeared “untouchable” at Bayern Munich given his stature at the club, it appears Davies, now 23, is at a crossroads in his career.

He is currently yet to sign a contract extension with the club, with his current contract due to expire in 2025. That will happen soon. At the moment, given all the radical changes at the club with the arrival of Tuchel, it will be interesting to see what happens next. If Davies has yet to sign a contract extension next summer, it could be wise for Liverpool to make a move for the Canadian international. Robertson will be difficult to replace and this summer the focus will be on midfield. The Scotsman is likely to remain at least a year at the top of his game, so replacing him can wait. But ultimately, right now, if you’re going to replace Robertson, there’s no better option than Davies, and Liverpool should be monitoring him closely.