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Liverpool transfers: Jurgen Klopp spoke to agents about players worth £35m



Liverpool transfers: Jurgen Klopp spoke to agents about players worth £35m

Sofian Amrabat

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has reportedly spoken to Sofyan Amrabat’s agents. However, the player could move elsewhere.

It comes from the mirror. They claim that Jurgen Klopp actually held talks with Sofyan Amrabat officials.

According to reports, this would happen in Italy. It seems that at one point this season the Liverpool manager tried to step in and convince Amrabat of the Reds.

However, Calciomercato later said Liverpool chose not to pursue a deal. They cited Fiorentina’s asking price as the reason: they didn’t see any value for money.

After all, Amrabat’s performance at the World Cup sent that prize skyrocketing. He was arguably the best player in a Moroccan team that finished fourth, so his ability generated quite a stir. As a result, Liverpool appear to have been ruled out of a move. .
Sofyan Amrabat and Liverpool.

There still seems to be a chance of Amrabat moving on deadline day. Barcelona attempted a loan deal, says Fabrizio Romano, which Fiorentina turned down.

However, Amrabat did not take that rejection well. He skipped training today in an attempt to force a move before posting a fairly transparent message on Instagram.

Barça’s offer was a loan of around £2.5m, including an option to buy the player for £32.5m this summer. It’s no surprise that Fiorentina said no, it’s of little value to them.

If Amrabat did not shine, his value would plummet. If he shines, his value would go up, but Barcelona would still have the option to buy him for £32.5m. The only way he can move is to guarantee Fiorentina the money now. It seems highly unlikely that Liverpool will go ahead with a deal this late in the transfer window – but the option appears to be there.

Finally, they clearly assess Amrabat when Klopp spoke to his agents. They now have the last chance to add him to their roster this season.