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Pep Guardiola makes bold Liverpool prediction after ‘copying’ Jurgen Klopp



Pep Guardiola has admitted to drawing inspiration and learning a lot by watching and studying Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side.

The German has been the biggest competition Manchester city boss  has ever had to face while being in charge at Mancity  and the two sides have rewritten history in terms of what it takes to win a Premier League title.

The Reds are well off the pace this campaign, but the Mancity boss battles with Klopp’s side have forced him to change parts of his blueprint at City.

Reacting ahead of the tricky Fa Cup fourth round tie his side face against Arsenal on Friday night, the Spaniard detailed just how much he has analysed Liverpool.

“I learned a lot watching by Liverpool,”  Guardiola said.

“It’s of his analysis of the Reds ahead of Friday night’s tricky FA Cup fourth-round tie against Arsenal. “I learned a lot playing for Liverpool,” said the City boss. “This is the team I have watched the most for obvious reasons, because they have been our biggest rivals in recent years and sooner or later they will come back and learn the club, the manager and of course the players. They got it. “If there is a feeling, I try to copy something. If I like it, I feel it and I can adapt to the players I have. Not because they made it, which means I copy-pasted. No no no! “

He said ,“I tried to copy some things, if I feel it. If I like it, feel it, can adapt with the players I have. Not because they have success, that means I’m going to copy and paste. No, no, no!”

Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp side and Guardiola have faced each other 27 times with the Klopp recording 12 wins to the Spaniard’s 10. There have been five stalemates.