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Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson has issued a warning to Bukayo Saka in the wake of the Liverpool admission and the Raphinha connection.



Bukayo Saka should remember the year 1999 at Elland Road as a moment of significance and caution. At the age of 19, Michael Owen ruptured his hamstring while playing for Liverpool away from home, two years before winning the Ballon d’Or.

The former Liverpool striker’s thoughts about how this affected him should reach out to the Arsenal starlet, given the amount of min

“I wish it had been a broken leg,” says the narrator. A snapped hamstring was the worst injury I ever had because you didn’t operate on them back then; you just let them heal on their own. For the rest of my career, I ran with two hamstring muscles in my right leg and three in my left. “It was a stumbling block,” he said.

“I’m not sure if it was just a freak accident.” I had been as consistent as a rock up until that point, never missing a game. Sir AThe reason this is noteworthy is that, at the same age, Bukayo Saka has spent more time on the pitch than Owen, according to an interesting report on minutes played by Premier League players. Saka has 9795 minutes of club football under his belt, while Owen has 8234.lex Ferguson constantly maintains that it would not have occurred if I had signed for Manchester United as a kid because he would have protected me.

utes asked of him at the age of 20. Owen says that he was never the same after the ordeal and that he was never the same again.