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We asked AI engine ChatGPT to name the ‘perfect’ Liverpool transfer alternative for Jude Bellingham



We asked AI engine ChatGPT to name the ‘perfect’ Liverpool transfer alternative for Jude Bellingham

ChatGPT’s AI engine has given us a verdict on who would be the perfect transfer alternative for Jude Bellingham for Liverpool, and the answer is surprising.

ChatGPT is the latest sensation currently taking over the internet (literally?). From South Park to Tik Tok and Twitter, everyone is talking about the OpenAI engine, which can be used to generate everything from song lyrics and essays to website coding and even the foundations of entire businesses. However, can advanced AI software be used to predict soccer transfers?

With the news that Liverpool could lose Jude Bellingham, decided to put him to the test. Artificial intelligence is an exciting and terrifying concept and ChatGPT has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most advanced software in the field. It’s a technology that continues to grow and develop at a pace that makes you wonder if a possible AI takeover isn’t just sci-fi fantasy, but a real possibility.

OpenAI has already estimated that as many as 19% of US jobs could be impacted by the rise of ChatGPT according to PCMag, and as some people are now struggling to distinguish between AI and human-generated poetry, according to Al Jazeera. it feels like we’re on the cusp of a new dawn.

A dawn that can certainly also affect football, especially when it comes to recruiting players. After all, why would scouts search databases and observe thousands of football games when you could potentially have AI software that could do the same thing and put it together in minutes? The technology isn’t quite there yet, but with the rapid advancement of ChatGPT in recent months, it might not be out of the realm of possibility. asked ChatGPT to find the “perfect” transfer alternative for Jude Bellingham for Liverpool this summer after The Athletic reported that the Borussia Dortmund midfielder is “increasingly unlikely” to join the club.

The first question posed to ChatGPT was the following:

Question: Hi, using your stats from the 2022/23 season, can you give us the perfect alternative to Jude Bellingham’s move to Liverpool this summer?

Answer from ChatGPT:

As an AI language model, I can’t provide statistics or information from the future, as they don’t exist yet. However, based on the current needs of the squad and past performances, Eduardo Camavinga is a player who could be a perfect Liverpool replacement for Jude Bellingham. Camavinga is a highly rated 19-year-old midfielder who currently plays for Rennes in Ligue 1. [sic] He has been a regular starter for the French side this season, making 27 appearances in all competitions. Camavinga’s impressive performances have not gone unnoticed and he has been linked with a move to several top European clubs, including Liverpool.

Camavinga has versatile skills that make him a great option for Liverpool’s midfield. He is an excellent dribbler with a success rate of 69.7% in Ligue 1 this season. He also boasts a high success rate of 88.3% and has contributed one goal and three assists in all competitions this season. Camavinga’s defensive prowess is also remarkable, averaging 1.9 tackles per game and an interception rate of 1.2 per game in Ligue 1.

Moreover, Camavinga is still young and has plenty of room for growth and development. He has already shown that he can play at a high level in a top European league and can adapt perfectly to Liverpool’s high-intensity pressing style. His versatility and adaptability also make him an attractive option for Liverpool as he can play in a variety of midfield roles. In conclusion, although no statistics are available for the 2022/23 season, Eduardo Camavinga could be a perfect alternative to Liverpool in the next transfer window in place of Jude Bellingham. Camavinga’s versatile abilities, defensive ability and young age make him an exciting prospect for Liverpool, and his versatility could provide the club with options in midfield.


As you can see, ChatGPT doesn’t have access to this season’s latest stats (and oddly seems to think 2022/23 is in the future), but it can make a solid argument for Eduardo Camavinga, who obviously won’t play for Rennes again, but for Real Madrid, likely putting the French international out of reach for FSG.

Not entirely happy with the response, I decided to rephrase the question and see if ChatGPT could offer Liverpool a more ‘realistic’ alternative option to take them to Anfield this summer.

Q: Which player do you think would be the perfect transfer alternative to Jude Bellingham for Liverpool this summer? Can you use statistics to support your opinion? Thank you so much.♥