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Thiago set to benefit from Liverpool summer transfers as Jürgen Klopp decision will become clear



As Liverpool prepare for additions to midfield this summer, it appears Thiago Alcântara will remain and his future role is becoming increasingly clear.

Liverpool’s midfield could look very different next season as Jürgen Klopp looks to strengthen a side in their Premier League title challenge. For a manager who’s been hinted at being too loyal, recent activity—or in some situations, lack of it—starts to indicate that the focus this summer will be on change.

Both Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keita will have their contracts by then, and it looks increasingly certain they will be gone. Thiago Alcântara is also entering the final year of his Anfield contract, but summer signings could instead benefit him as he enters the later stages of his career. He may not have been at his optimum level this season, but Thiago has nonetheless been instrumental in some of the best performances at the start of the season. Liverpool haven’t won a Premier League match where Thiago has started since the start of the year, and with a recent hip problem they won’t have a chance to improve on that stat until he returns, hopefully by the end of the season. end of year. month.

A pattern seems to be emerging as Thiago’s time on the pitch in the Premier League has steadily decreased since he arrived. He played 1858 minutes in his first season before his tally in 2021/22 dropped to 1538. He has played 1158 minutes so far this season. He turns 32 next month and it’s inevitable that some players will be more unlucky with injuries as they approach the final stages of their careers, but the decision on Thiago isn’t as easy as a player can make it. keeping fit. The former Barcelona star can still deliver groundbreaking performances, while his top-flight experience is invaluable.

For Klopp, who has adjusted roles in his midfield to get the best out of Thiago, looks set to make him part of future plans as he manages his playing time.

He has made 14 Premier League appearances this season and this suggests that it may actually be better for him to be available for half of each season going forward. twice in the same week.

This is where midfield signings could in fact help Thiago extend his career at Anfield. If the Reds can achieve their goals this summer, with the ideal target being Jude Bellingham, there is less risk of Thiago being outclassed. Given the lack of depth at Liverpool in recent seasons, this was understandably a dilemma for Klopp that he struggled to avoid.

It could help the Reds enjoy the best version of Thiago for longer, retain his experience of winning at the highest level in the games that demand it and ensure he can continue to feature in the midfield’s next development. Liverpool ground.

If he enjoys a successful final year of his contract at Merseyside with a more clearly defined role, there is no reason the club should not be discussing offering him extended terms at some point next season.