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Culture Liverpool promises unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest experience
Culture Liverpool team respond to fan concerns ahead of Eurovision season

Liverpool Council’s Culture Liverpool team have promised that every possible decision has been made to ensure the Eurovision Song Contest is as good as possible. As the season approached, fans were asking about some of the biggest projects coming to town. One of the most pressing concerns was whether EuroVillage, the officially inaugurated fan zone, could be operational on its last night, March 13. The EuroVillage is visited by thousands but always freely accessible. The Culture Liverpool team have confirmed to The ECHO that EuroVillage can attend for free, but the fate of the grand final is the only night in question. They stressed that no decision has yet been made as the outcome depends on potential artists and their participation. Claire McColgan, from the Culture Liverpool team, promised that if a ticket actually existed, the grand final would still be affordable for those who wish to attend. She told ECHO: “It won’t be one screen or one television, there will be a whole program across the village. [The grand finale] depends on the acts because we always confirm that this that could happen is really exciting.

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