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Arteta might needs to reconsider Arsenal’s tactics as we approach the deadly fixtures in April



Arsenal eventually restored a targeted 5-point range over their closest title rivals Manchester City with 12 games remaining.
Victories over Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Everton restored the confidence of Arsenal fans at the Emirates Stadium and around the world.

But this has not always been the case. Arsenal are destroying a huge storm that has threatened their most promising bid for another title in 20 years.

Arsenal’s first defeat of the season was at Manchester United on September 4, 2022 where they lost 3-1. During the match, Arsenal had scored the first goal by Martinelli, who was sent off. However, in a December 2022 report on VAR’s 48 interventions to date, this objective was cited as one of six incorrectly invoked objectives.

As opposing fans were quick to predict the ‘usual collapse’ of Arsenal’s title challenge, Arsenal were back in business and defeat was only a blow, beating Brentford, Tottenham, Liverpool and Leeds to silence opponents. Arsenal lost two crucial points against Southampton but found their way back to winning ways, quickly beating Nottingham Forest and Chelsea.

Then Arsenal were kicked out of the Carabao Cup by Brighton and suddenly it looked like the predicted collapse was about to happen. However, Arsenal would go on to beat Wolves 0-2 to cool their nerves before the World Cup break.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar was so unusual that it took place mid-season and it was unknown what the implications would be for Arsenal’s trophy challenge.

Doomsayers predicted it would be disastrous if Arsenal lost one of their star players, Gabriel Jesus, to injury. The saving grace was that there was a transfer window in January and Arsenal could sign replacements.

In December, after the World Cup, Arsenal looked to pick up where they left off, beating West Ham and Brighton before the end of the year. January 2023 was heralded by naysayers as Arsenal’s January, meaning Arsenal are now in pain.

And they had a run of games that seemed to bear that premise, as Arsenal would face Newcastle, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and resurgent Manchester City in the FA Cup. Arsenal drew with Newcastle, winning the rest of their games and narrowly losing out to Manchester City.

Then came February, which saw Arsenal lose to Everton, draw with Brentford and lose at home to their main title rivals and holders Manchester City. Suddenly it seemed that the wheels had come off and the title challenge would be over. But somehow Arsenal found the will to win again, securing a 4-game win from behind to beat Aston Villa 4-2, executing hard protection from a narrow lead against Leicester and surviving to a defensive masterclass in the first. Half time against Everton to firmly seal a 4-0 revenge win and of course the incredible comeback win over Bournemouth.

Trossard and Jorginho have already made their contribution to the title race. Trossard weighed in with a goal and two assists, and Jorginho helped replace Partey, assisting himself with a good goal and turning the tide in the game against Aston Villa.
It looks like the title race is about to end and April is about to get big. Arsenal must be ready to end the title race on a high. Arsenal are to negotiate successfully past Fulham and Crystal Palace for the Premier League in March. March also has the two clashes with Sporting Lisbon for the Europa League to complicate things.

Then comes April, with Leeds United, a resurgent Liverpool, West Ham, Southampton, Manchester City and Chelsea out. If Arsenal get past Sporting Lisbon, there will be little question of the Europa League quarter-finals.

It will take a big April for Arsenal to take off results, in some areas Arsenal have failed recently. So far, Arteta has been using the same game model in 4.3.3 and has used almost the same players. Arsenal have an almost predictable lineup, which makes planning a game against them easy.

Maybe it’s time Mikel Arteta plays some of these games with a three-man back to strengthen his midfield. This is particularly the case with Arsenal who now possess the likes of Emile Smith Rowe and possibly Gabriel Jesus, both returning from injury, and players like Jorginho, Trossard and Zinchenko who can execute powerful full-backs to perfection, plus players like Xhaka who can provide support. defense when necessary,

I think Arteta should start practicing such game variations to prepare in time.

Personally I would like to see Gabriel Jesus in the front line, Martinelli in a free role supporting all offensive departments, Saka on the right, Odegaard in attack, Trossard on the left wing, Partey and Xhaka in the center and with Xhaka playing an extra role in defense spaces in defense, then in defense Saliba on the right, Gabriel in the center and Tierney on the left. It would be bold programming. In the second half he can take Martinelli out, use ESR to continue overloading in the attacking areas and use Zenchenko to provide even more overload on the pitch when needed.

It’s a variation that I think if we had started against Manchester City we should have seen a different result. It’s a bold line-up, but a variation that may cause a surprise or two on the tough ground at Anfield and Etihad. Imagine if Arsenal had won at these two places in April? That’s what Arsenal must be prepared to deliver on this season’s promise.