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Liverpool: Klopp could bravely replace Gomez with Billy Koumetio



Liverpool’s latest Premier League appearances offered a touch of sunshine at what appeared to be the end of the storm, but gusts of wind again engulfed Anfield after a terrible defensive disintegration against Real Madrid that reminded the club just how deep the living wounds.

At the epicenter of the mishap once again was defender Joe Gomez, who, according to a source on Twitter, had had an “absolute mare of a game,” adding to an unhealthy string of torrid performances amid mounting performance pressure of Liverpool.

And with no respite in sight for the England international, manager Jurgen Klopp must now consider a bold move to offer academy candidate Billy Koumetio a permanent place in the senior squad as he continues to tinker with the most favorable formula for success in this season. .

In his prime, Gomez was an integral part of Liverpool’s previously imperious system. He made 28 Premier League appearances during the Reds’ successful 2019/20 Premier League season. confidence and composure in decisive moments.

His horror display against Los Blancos earned him a 5.8 rating, according to Sofascore, with the 5-2 home defeat shocking the eighth time Liverpool have conceded at least three goals in a game this season . As Koumetio continues to ply his trade for the U21 team, now might be the time to give him the stage to show why he deserves a place in Klopp’s squad.

Who is Billy Koumetio?

Koumetio has been a regular fixture in Liverpool’s academy development in recent years, making 41 appearances for the Under-21 side and 21 appearances for the Under-18 side.

Will Koumetio succeed at Liverpool?

The Kirkby colossus, hailed by Irish newspaper for a resounding and ‘ridiculous’ goal, played 45 minutes against Leicester City in a Carabao Cup tie last season and also featured against FC Midtjylland in the Champions League last season, where he rigged three interceptions and seven clearances. The 20-year-old is left-handed and as such would not be in the predominantly right-wing role that Gomez fills. central defense fortifications, Koumetio could really fit.

The former France Under-20 international has also been described as ‘incredible’ by Pep Lijnders in the past, and averaging 1.5 interceptions and four clearances per game, while also winning 2.5 aerials per cap, would see him emerge during the his first career opportunity in Liverpool. impress where his older colleagues have failed.


It would indeed be a risky move to abandon the current Gomez for Koumetio, but given the current situation of the Reds it is undeniable that changes are needed. of a promising prospect could very well pay off.

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