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Who should lead Liverpool’s attack when everyone is fit?



Cody Gakpo sends Premier League warning after heeding Virgil van Dijk's message

If there’s one aspect of the Liverpool team that doesn’t worry me much, it’s the attack. By that I mean I’m a little concerned about the form of some of the Liverpool players but I know Liverpool have made the right signings up front and that’s all they need. That’s all they need.

I really thought Cody Gakpo was unnecessary but he is very talented and maybe too good an option to pass which is why Liverpool have picked him. I have a few answers to this question, depending on the form and also depending on the potential of the respective player. You can’t group them because shape matters, but so does potential.

Liverpool’s current attacking options are Mohamed Salah, Luis Diaz, Cody Gakpo, Diogo Jota, Roberto Firmino and Darwin Nunez. These are six very good options. Well, at least five very good options and one decent option from the bank. Well, Mohamed Salah is obviously a no-brainer.

No matter how many times he is withdrawn by Liverpool, he remains their best attacking option and he will start anytime. He is so decisive. He can twist the tie on his head whenever he wants, and he’s too good, period.

That leaves us with four players for two positions because I don’t really think of Firmino as a rookie-caliber player anymore. Nunez, Jota and Gakpo can all play in the center and they can also play on the left. Luis Diaz is excellent on the wing. It’s tough, but if Gakpo is able to continue building his form bit by bit, we’ll probably see a top three of Gakpo, Nunez and Salah.

Unless Gakpo is able to become consistent enough for a team like Liverpool, a team of Liverpool’s caliber, Luis Diaz will likely return to the lineup in his place. Jota is very good and can start whenever Nunez is in trouble. However, I just can’t see Nunez sitting on the bench, especially now that he’s becoming so important to this Liverpool team and how much confidence he’s been gaining lately.

However, one thing is absolutely certain: everyone will definitely get minutes. There will be a lot of rotation. There are no doubts. When you have such skilled players in your squad, you get the best out of them. There’s no other way to keep your team happy, fit and fresh for the biggest games of the season.

How should they lineup be?

It’s amazing Liverpool has used 4-3-3 formation to acheive a lot. They went on to win the Champions League in 2019 and the Premier League a year later. Even after signing forwards Diogo Jota in 2020 and Luis Diaz in January of 2022, they stuck with the 4-3-3.

Maybe this is the time for Liverpool to fully embrace what they are and play an attack-minded 4-2-3-1, using Thiago or Henderson as a holding midfielder with Fabinho, and focusing the rest on the attack.

Even after Mane’s departure, this team still has five different attacking options ranging from solid to world-class. A 4-2-3-1 formation with Nunez at the top, and Diaz, Firmino, and Salah behind him could open up a whole new world of options for Liverpool. Firmino is certainly the wild card of this bunch, as we haven’t seen him perform his best in the past two seasons. But it’s possible that a switch to this kind of role could be exactly what the 30-year-old needs at this point in his career. And even if that’s not the case, that still leaves Diogo Jota, who frankly could be put in any of these attacking roles and flourish under the right circumstances.

Even though the midfield may seem like the most pressing issue for Liverpool, that doesn’t mean that panic should ensue if they do indeed neglect to buy a midfielder this summer. Rather, it should be looked at as an opportunity to shake things up.

Liverpool played in three cup finals last season, and although they won two of them on penalties, they scored zero goals in regulation. Their attack can at times be wonderful and electrifying, but other times it can grow stale. A switch to a 4-2-3-1 would mean keeping things fresh, keeping opponents on their toes, and utilizing their talent to its fullest potential. The 4-3-3 may have been what brought the Reds their recent success, but all good things have to come to an end, and there’s no shame in embracing new ideas when you have the manager and players to do so.

who do you think can lead the attack?

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