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Ray Parlour thinks one signing can transform Liverpool in the summer




Liverpool’s season has gone according to plan, but Ray Parlor thinks a few midfield changes could turn things around very quickly.

Jude Bellingham is the right man to lead Liverpool to a second era under Jurgen Klopp and should bring one of his international team-mates with him.

That’s the view of former Arsenal legend Ray Parlor, who accepts that new additions to the squad will be crucial in getting the Reds back on track, but believes only a few players of the right kind can achieve that goal.

Liverpool’s season has fallen short of expectations, with a combination of injuries and poor fitness resulting in a near-elimination from every cup competition and a current finish of just eighth in the Premier League, ahead of Crystal Palace on Saturday .

Speaking to, Parlor said: “I think recruiting is going to be very important for Liverpool. I know there may be some investment coming in, to give them a little more money to spend. They have also had many injuries. I mean, there’s no question that Diaz and Jota have been out most of the season. Van Dijk was also out for a few weeks recently, which cost him a lot.

We always say about the aging midfield, I think if you can get Bellingham, Declan Rice too, I don’t know where Declan Rice is going from West Ham. That midfield is so important. If they can bring some great players into that midfield, I think they can definitely come back very soon.

“I think Nunez will be a good signing. He will get better, so to speak. He’s running and he’s fast. He is often offside, but I think he will improve and learn his trade a little better. But I think the midfield is very important to me. I think they are fine as a full back. Trent needs to defend himself better sometimes, but I like how he’s doing. I like Robertson as a left back, I think he’s a top player. Van Dijk will be there.

“I just feel like they’re missing something in midfield and if they can get someone like Bellingham covered they could definitely bounce back.”

Liverpool now face a battle to qualify for next season’s Champions League, seven points behind fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur ahead of the Reds’ trip to Selhurst Park on Saturday night. With ample credit in the bank, the indifferent campaign hasn’t put additional pressure on Klopp’s future, but Parlor is certain the German has what it takes to turn the tide.

Parlor said: “I think every job has pressure. Now is the age of football. For each job, people know exactly what they need to do to keep their job. I think Jurgen Klopp will be realistic about the season, it wasn’t good enough by Liverpool standards, we all know that. But it’s just a matter of recovery and you have to give it some time.

“I mean, if they start the season badly next year, he will definitely be under pressure. I think recruiting will be so important this summer. I’m sure they will start the season well. I think he’s a first-class manager – Jurgen Klopp – and there aren’t many managers as good as him.

“So when you want to fire managers it’s just a matter of who you dial in and you saw at Leeds they didn’t have a plan. It’s normal to fire managers but I think that you always have to have someone behind the scenes tapping people and saying, “Are you interested? A lot of people have  [Diego] Simeone over the years that he should come to the Premier League. Which would be interesting. But I definitely think Jurgen Klopp deserves a little more time and I think he’ll do well. Certainly.”

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