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Sporting 2-2 Arsenal: Gunners will be pleased to leave Lisbon level!



Sporting 2-2 Arsenal: Reaction

The Gunners will be pleased to leave Lisbon level!

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

1′ We’re underway in Lisbon!

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

3′ Kiwior is into action early on.

He does well to track the ball and prevent Edwards getting in down the right.

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

5′ Nelson bursts down the left and gets a cross in.

Martinelli gets his head on it but the ball is slightly too high for him to get any power on it.

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal: Chance

7′ Goncalves should score for Sporting!

He breaks in open space down the left and cuts in onto his right foot but he sends his curling shot well wide in the end!

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “It’s a mess from an Arsenal point of view!”

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

9′ Esgaio now gets in out wide!

He tries to pick out Paulinho with a cross but Saliba clears well.

Arsenal look fragile defensively early on and the hosts are threatening on every attack.

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

11′ There’s a break in play and Arteta is making the most it.

He’s instructing his players and letting them know that they need to improve on.

13′ Arsenal get the first corner of the game.

It comes to nothing but they are starting to settle into proceedings.

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “It’s been a good start from Arsenal, and besides a counter-attack from Sporting, Arsenal have been very much in control.”

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

15′ Nelson cuts in and has a strike blocked!

The Gunners are starting to cause Sporting some problems.

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

18′ It’s all Arsenal on the ball.

They’re controlling the game and just need to find a way through.

Jim Proudfoot live on talkSPORT: “Arsenal are stringing all the passes with absolutely no impact.”

Sporting 0-0 Arsenal

20′ Martinelli is playing a central role this evening.

He is having to adapt his game completely as he leads the line.

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “It’s such a different role for Martinelli, receiving the ball with pressure directly behind you, it’s difficult to get used to that role.


Saliba heads home from a corner and the Gunners are one in front!

The Frenchman heads the ball into the ground and Adan has no chance of keeping it out!

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “It’s a great delivery from Fabio Vieira, and Saliba completely free, totally unmarked, just guided the header down and it skims off the surface.

“I just wonder if the goalkeeper could come out. Instead, Saliba with the easiest of tasks to head in.”

Sporting 0-1 Arsenal

24′ There was a scuffle after the goal with Zinchenko involved.

The Arsenal defender and Coates have been booked for their antics.

Sporting 0-1 Arsenal: Chance

27′ It’s all Arsenal now!

Zinchenko fires a powerful shot at goal which Adan has to tip over the bar!

Sporting 0-1 Arsenal

29′ Edwards sends in a dangerous cross for Sporting.

Turner can’t get a hand on it but there’s no one in a green and shite shirt there to head home!

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “He’s an exciting player Marcus Edwards, he’s got a lovely way of dribbling with his left foot. He did well to clip a ball to the back post.”

Sporting 0-1 Arsenal

31′ A perfect start for Arsenal in Lisbon!

It’s a first European goal for Saliba!

Sporting 0-1 Arsenal

33′ Edwards opts to shoot rather than pass!

Arsenal lose the ball in their own half and Sporting pounce but they can’t take advantage.

GOAL! Sporting 1-1 Arsenal: Goncalo Inacio


In the last few minutes, the hosts have been pushing and they’ve got their equaliser!

It’s extremely similar to Arsenal’s goal! Inacio is free to head past Turner in the box from a corner!

Kiwior seemed to duck out the way to allow Inacio to head home!

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “It is a carbon copy of the Arsenal goal.

“Matt Turner, very similar to Adan, did absolutely nothing, rooted to his spot and Inacio heads into into the corner. Kiwior ducks which is absolutely embarrassing.

“Abysmal defending from Arsenal.”

Sporting 1-1 Arsenal

38′ That’s a shock to the system for Arsenal!

They were dominating the game but have let Sporting back into it!

Sporting 1-1 Arsenal: Chance

40′ Edwards forces Turner into a great save!

The goalkeeper has to get down low to his right to prevent Sporting taking the lead!

The momentum is with the hosts at the moment.

Sporting 1-1 Arsenal

42′ Inacio’s header has shocked Arsenal.

The Gunners are struggling to regain control of the game.

Sporting 1-1 Arsenal: Chance

43′ Xhaka’s header at the back post is saved by Adan!

He only just keeps the ball from crossing the line with his glove.

Martinelli is then booked for preventing Adan from clearing the ball.

Sporting 1-1 Arsenal

45′ There will be three minutes of added time.

Sporting 1-1 Arsenal: Chance 45+2′ Turner loses the ball in his own box! But Sporting can’t take advantage! Turner is able to regain possession of the ball and prevent an easy second goal for the hosts!

Sporting 1-1 Arsenal: Chance

53′ Martinelli is the next to have another chance!

Zinchenko lifts the ball into the box but the Brazilian can’t keep his header on target!

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “They’re able to craft these chances so beautifully Arsenal. But it just doesn’t look natural for Martinelli to be there.”

GOAL! Sporting 2-1 Arsenal: Paulinho


After all of Arsenal’s pressure after half time, it’s the hosts who have turned the game around!

Paulinho is there to tap in after Turner saves from Goncalves’ strike!

Sporting 2-1 Arsenal

58′ Soon after the goal, Morita is booked.

He will now miss the second leg through suspension!

Sporting 2-1 Arsenal: Chance

60′ St. Juste celebrates his tackle like he just scored!

Martinelli runs from the halfway line into the box before rounding the keeper and looking as if he was going to tap it in…

But St Juste is there to deny him!

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “What a run from Martinelli, it deserved a goal, I don’t think he knew St Juste was there. But wow! That was brilliant.”

Sporting 2-1 Arsenal: Chance

61′ Paulinho should score again!

He’s clean through one-on-one with Turner but somehow sends his shot high and wide of the goal!

GOAL! Sporting 2-2 Arsenal: Own Goal


They should have been two goals down but they are now back in the game!

Xhaka’s shot is deflected in off Morita and Adan is left scrambling as the ball rolls into the bottom corner.

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “It just seems like the season that Arsenal keep getting the odd break here and there. And why not?”

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

65′ This game is just end-to-end now!

Arsenal are pushing for another as they look to build some momentum!

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

67′ Arsenal have made a change.

Zinchenko is replaced by Tomiyasu.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

69′ Things are starting to calm down now.

After a thrilling start to the half, the Gunners are trying to regain possession for a while and dictate the tempo.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

72′ Both teams have made changes.

Sporting take off Trincao for Santos while Kiwior, Jorginho and Nelson come off for Gabriel, Partey and Smith Rowe.

74′ St Juste stays down after a challenge with Partey.

The referee pulls the game back so he can receive some treatment.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

76′ Arsenal are looking to find an opening the Sporting defence.

We’re now into the final 15 minutes in Lisbon.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

77′ Sporting make a double substitution.

Chermiti and Diomande come on for Paulinho and Esgaio.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

79′ Substitute Diomande strikes wide!

He hits a first-time effort from the edge of the box but can’t hit the target!

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal 82′ The intensity of the game seems to have dropped. Both teams are patiently waiting for chances to fall their way. Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “It’s got a massive feel of a first leg, it hasn’t got that energy and intensity that you would expect in the second leg.”

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

84′ The home fans are pushing their team on.

Chermiti pressures Gabriel and backs him into a corner.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

86′ St Juste avoids a card despite a late challenge on Tomiyasu.

The Sporting defender has been ruthless at the back tonight.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

88′ Saka’s shot dribbles into the hands of Adan.

The winger has not been too involved in the game.

Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “He’s looked tired Saka, especially in this second half, he hasn’t really got involved at all. You just wonder why is he playing the whole game.”

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

90′ There will be four minutes of added time.

Edwards is replaced by Issahaku for Sporting.

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal

90+2′ Saka is hobbling in stoppage time.

He looks exhausted out there!

Sporting 2-2 Arsenal: Full time The teams can’t be seperated in the first leg! Arsenal are held to a draw by Sporting in Lisbon, with Morita’s own goal handing the Gunners a positive results ahead of the reverse fixture at the Emirates. Saliba headed in the opener for Arteta’s men before the hosts turned the game around. However, Arsenal found a way back into the game to equalise. Dean Ashton live on talkSPORT: “I think Mikel Arteta would be pleased just to get out with a draw and with no new injuries. “And they will really fancy their chances next week with the likes of Odegaard and Trossard back.”